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St. Clair County Permits Information

Drain Commissioner's Office

Permits from the Drain Commissioner' s office are required for: any new discharge into a county drain, any culverts or bridges in a county drain, any utility crossing of a county drain, any earth change work in a county drain or right-of-way, and any permanent structures in a right-of-way. 


More Information:

Development Review Fees 

Application for Drain Commissioner Review

Rules of the Drain Commissioner 


St. Clair County Road Commission

Anytime work is being done in the road right of way (ROW), or a residential or commercial driveway is being planned, you must review the following:

Permit Fees:

Permit requirements:

Also, please review:  Procedures for Plat Street Development

Road Commission: Website


St. Clair County Health Department

The Environmental Health Division provides services designed to assure a safe and healthy environment to all county residents. We are an aspect of public health that focuses on the relationship between the environment and human health, and minimizes the public's exposure to environmental hazards.


We have professional staff Sanitarians that are specialized in specific program areas such as wells, septic systems, food and vending inspections, site reviews, and permit issuances.


Water Wells, permits:



Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control, permit, instructions:                              



Storm Water Program: information

Health Department: Website


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